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She Thinks You’re So Hot

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Remember when your mom said that you were the most handsome man in the world? Yeah, she was lying to your fucking face. But before you call her up and tell her what a lying fucking whore she is, just realize that she was just trying to make you feel better. Why was she trying to make you feel better? Oh, because you were probably a fat little fuck and she wanted to give you one shred of confidence so you wouldn’t cry like a little bitch every single day in the restroom at school and then get caught crying by some bully who would give you a swirly because you were actually such a fucking loser. Yeah. Put the phone down, Jimmy.

But it’s fine if you’re not actually the most handsome man in the world because looks don’t matter when you have webcam porn sites. Cambb is full of women begging for you to watch them masturbate. What the fuck are you waiting for? Click that link and go get ’em, tiger!

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